Implementation of an approach to exploit data from the LINCS project to characterize small molecules for drug development

Laurianne Paquette

Neural network development from pan-transcriptomic k-mer tables for RNA-Seq applications

Nicolas Jacquin

Development of Automatic Risk Evaluation Systems for Acute Myeloid Leukemia from Gene Expression Data

Léonard Sauvé

Enhancing the Drug Discovery Process: Using Bayesian Inference for the Analysis of Dose-Response Experiments

Caroline Labelle

Identification of Potential Therapeutic Targets in AML Through Integration of Genomics Data and Small Molecule Screening Results

Safia Safa-tahar-henni

Improving Peptide-Centric Mass Spectrometry with Deep Learning

Jérémie Zumer

Investigate the Role of Transcriptional Regulation in Breast Cancer Heterogeneity Using Single Cell RNA Sequencing (scRNA-seq) Data

Marjolaine David

Pairwise Molecular Representation Learning for Improved and Explainable Property Prediction

Tom MacDougal

The Factorized Embeddings Model: Towards a Data-driven Cell Atlas

Assya Trofimov

The Non-Canonical Proteome Uniquely Populates the Proteome or Immunopeptidome

Maria Virginia Ruiz Cuevas